"When I See An Elephant Fly" (#tbtunes)

#ThrowbackTunes are another new piece of The Inauguroo Season I'm very excited to get up and running- it is my way of participating in Throwback Thursday via RooMcGoo, posting a #ThrowBackTune cover every week. 

This week is a double throwback, since I'm hauling a clip out of the RooMcGoo voo (vault) to throwback to a cabaret I did in October 2010 at Emerson College that resulted in me creating the RooMcGoo YouTube account, AND the clip is of a song from my childhood Disney SongBook that I loved, When I See An Elephant Fly from, well...Dumbo. Duh. 

In lieu of a cohesive story to tie this double throwback together, it feels more appropriate in this instance to list some things I learned from throwing together that cabaret on a whim, and from this song in general. From the cabaret, I learned: 

  1. With any project you have an inkling towards getting up and running, you'll never be ready, so you should probably just push yourself to figure it out along the way. 
  2. Once you decide to pursue something, the resources in your world will open up and help you make it happen, requiring less effort from you to push them along than you imagined.
  3. If you show up, other people will show up (though I later learned, this is true to varying degrees. But that is for a separate post altogether). 

And from this song, I learned: 

  1. Puns are THE BEST (nerd alert). Check the lyrics: 

"I Saw a Peanut Stand/Heard a Rubber Band/I Saw A Needle that Winked its Eye/But I think I Will Have Seen Everything, When I See An Elephant Fly"

 2.  Anything is possible! Look at Dumbo, everyone said it'd be crazy to see an Elephant Fly, and he totes flew! What? You mean that's actually physically impossible and insane and never happened because elephants are super obese animals? Oh...nvm.  

3. Throwback Disney is HELLA racist. Check out the original clip below...