An Incomplete History of Grease




1971   Grease, a new musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey about sex, drugs, and teenagers rockin' and rollin', premieres in Chicago.

1972  The show premieres on BROADWAY...nbd.

1980  The original Broadway production closes, at the time holding the             record for longest running Broadway show. Today it is number 15.

1978   Grease hits the big screen, continuing a long Hollywood tradition of having 30-somethings portray high school students. There are worse things they could do.


1994  Grease is revived on Broadway              most notably featuring Rosie                  O'Donnell as Rizzo (right, in the              questionable jacket). 

1997  Roo sees the Grease movie for                the first time, on VHS (duh). He              will never be the same. 




2007 Grease: You’re the One that I Want! premieres on NBC, allowing its audience to cast the roles of Sandy and Danny for a Broadway revival which opened like greased' lightning the same     year. 

2016 Laura Osnes is still taking over Broadway. Max Crumm is still incredibly handsome.




2016: Grease Live! telecasts on FOX for an audience of 12.2 million, proving Grease is STILL the word. Even with a commercial every five minutes. 


Infinity: Grease is performed at every High School in America, granting teenage divas everywhere their wish to play a potential teen mom.