glee & me (an incomplete history)

About a year after I first created the RooMcGoo YouTube account (in order to upload videos from a cabaret I did at school), I moved to Sarasota, Florida to spend a year as the Artistic Apprentice at Asolo Repertory Theatre- long before I thought of turning RooMcGoo into a website, or launching RooMcGoo's Inauguroo Season

After driving down the east coast with the help of Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, and John Mayer (via the 6-CD Player in the 2006 Toyota Corolla I was driving), I showed up in my provided housing with my education "behind" me, a great opportunity in front of me, and five days to kill. In a town I'd never even been to. In Florida. 

I spent those five days binging Mad Men (duh) and brainstorming ideas for fun videos I could make during my time in Florida, since I knew that even though I would be kept busy at the theatre, I wanted to also make something that was entirely mine, that even friends in NY or Boston could engage with. 

But I only had a flipcam, no real equipment, and what was more daunting- I had no people- except my friend Chiara who was egging me on via phone meetings from NY (naturally). But in Florida, I had no collaborators in sight, since I had basically not left the apartment- Don Draper's fault. I did, however, have said flipcam, and I also had A LOT of opinions and ideas (this has not changed). 

Focusing on what I did have ultimately gave me the idea for glee & me, a series of "gleekconstructions," such as the video below: 

Making glee & me felt worthwhile instantly because it felt effortless, even though it required a lot of work- then, after a few videos were up, they felt even more worthwhile when my friend Katherine reported from NY that she walked in on a group of our friends quoting one of the  "glee & me" videos. 

Eventually, I had to focus full time energy on my full time apprenticeship at the theatre, which was an incredible experience, but I also always felt I wasn't able to keep up with glee & me partially due to the fear that started to set in once I got it up and running. 

So, just in time for glee's series finale this past Spring, I cracked open the glee & me vault to crank out some new gleekonstrucions, this time in the form of "How To's," mainly to remind myself how effortless making these videos had been at one point.