I Volunteer as Troobute (a riff)

This exact weekend two years ago, I was asking everyone around me the same question: 

Can you help me make a web series?

I had big hopes. I had A LOT of ideas. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

Despite feeling like I was making everything up as I went along, every time I asked someone if they could (or would) help make my first parody series, A NEW MUSICAL, the answer was an immediate "yes." These are just a few examples of exchanges during the creation of THE HUNGRY GAMES music video:

Roo: Would you like to write a song for an imaginary Hunger Games musical? There should probably be lots of riffing. 

Julia Mattison: Duh. 

Roo: Um...can I shoot my webseries in your theatre, and ps can I borrow some props and costumes for said web series?

The Play Group Theatre: Yes. 

Roo: Can Molly Seidel (Prod. Designer) and I dress you up like berries?

Chris Nicolosi, Eric B. Mota, & Anthony Sullivan, Jr: How purple? 

These don't even begin to mention the countless other "troobutes" involved in the creation of this video, including: Assaf Gleizner (Musical Direction) Ben Cadwallader (DP), Jacque Carnahan (Choreographer/Assoc. Director), Brittany Proia (Katniss), Michael Radi (Peeta), and EVEN MY DAD, Papa McGoo (Large-Portioned Penne Vodka Chef). 

The entire team's unwavering commitment made the series a total joy to create, which is why I've made it a goal with Roo McGoo's Inauguroo Season to compensate every team member, with food, travel, and a stipend for any shoot date or live show appearance. A large portion of the budget I'm currently raising will go directly to compensating up and coming performers, writers, and directors. My IndieGoGo Campaign for the season has 19 days left to raise $2,960 towards this end. 

And, of course, the other troobute I have to acknowledge is you. If you're reading this, you are a co-diva just as much as any Katniss or Nightlock Berry.