The Winner Takes it All (#TBTune)

For a long time I was "too cool" for MAMMA MIA and other similar megamusicals.  I knew EVERYTHING about theatre, and had to turn my nose up at more commercial titles because how could they merit my attention? I mean...I was in college, and stuff. So I knew everything, obviously. 

I think because of this history, when Mamma McGoo and I finally made it to see MAMMA MIA recently (because duh we all want to have an ABBA dance party on Broadway deep down, resistance is futile), I was extra struck during the 11 o'clock number "The Winner Takes it All" when the woman sitting in front of me was openly weeping as that song filled the theatre.

Naturally, I started crying myself. Not only because the song sounded KILLER. Because Donna (fictional Mamma) was pouring out all of her feelings through song. Because the woman sitting in front of me (very real, maybe a Mamma, IDK) had made a trip to NY to receive Donna's feelings through THIS song. And also because I'm a HUGE baby.


If you've made it this far, you owe it to yourself to check out the ORIG. "The Winner Takes it All," because #featheredhair and #The70s and #belting.